I took the name from a novel title by Dornford Yates.  In it a small cast of characters set out to find a mythical country said to exist in the mountains between the borders of Spain and France called Etchechuria.  The adventurers become adept at wilderness camping, navigation, and mule packing all the while maintaining a very civilized lifestyle.  The author describes them as a type of the “idle rich” who in many cases are neither rich nor idle (I have to go back and get the exact quote for that.)  I found this out or print volume in the stacks at The Strand when I went looking for a book to read on an expedition undertaken just before starting this blog in September 2011.

Personally I prefer traveling in kayaks and bicycles to mules but I’d welcome the opportunity participate in an expedition that employs pack animals any day.  While not seeking unknown or under appreciated spaces on the fringes of the modern world I do freelance web development work.

Eric Kittell – eric[at]ekittell.com

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