Su Sirboni – kayak touring in Sardinia

I’m told that “su sirboni” mean “the wild boars” in Sardinian. I did not see any while I was there. I did see amazing rock formations in red granite and darker volcanic rock along with one of the nicest white sand beaches you’ll find anywhere and another beach made up entirely or dark stones with a character all it’s own. The pictures tell the story:


After starting out in Santa Maria Navaresse and heading south and battling heavy seas around Arbatax things start to get a bit calmer in the afternoon as I pass Cea. My destination is in the distance:

The next day I stopped to take a break on a beach just north of Su Sirboni with a cute little Juniper tree:

I didn’t take any pictures on the beach at Su Sirboni where I had lunch so here’s the satellite image. The buildings there are a small vacation village that has been shut down, I dont’ know why. The beach itself is very gradually sloping white sand, which somewhat rare in Italy where most beaches are more more pebbly.

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Francesco Muntoni from Cardedu Kayak. I had heard a lot about him, he’s a big proponent of sea kayaking in the Ogliastra region of Sardinia. This day he was out with a student conducting a private lesson:

Private beach for me! With volcanic rock:

Here’s my Feathercraft Heron on the stone beach at Coccorrocci:

Looks like there’s a good place to hang a hammock up there:

Nice hang!

Looking south along the beach:

Next day on the water, lots of red rocks:

Many interesting shapes in the rock. Some remind me of a big 3D graffiti tag rendered in stone:

I had been trolling a little spinner behind the boat on my way back north. As I prepared to stop for a break I reeled in the line and as I was doing so this little fish hit the lure. I let it go as it was rather small. Later on, just north of Torre di Bari I hooked a much larger fish that put up quite a fight as tried to reel it in but eventually got loose before I had a chance to see it. I had pizza for supper that evening at Cea:

Heading north, the cape on the right is Arbatax and the cliffs far beyond that mark Capo di Monte Santu:

I’ll be in Sardinia for 2 more months so a lot more pics to come. I would’ve had some sooner but my Canon Powershot D-10 died on me. The above photos were taken with a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 that I finally got to replace the Powershot after finding out there was no way to get it repaired in Italy. Hopefully it holds up better!


  • bravissimo e stato un piacere conoscerti..bravo..bella pagaiata..
    Domenica sera partiremo per un giro in Kayak da S.Maria navarrese a vuoi puoi unirti a noi..saluti il tuo amico Fra Emme..
    Francesco Muntoni

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